L . E . X . TM

Agisent's LEX: A single global source of information linking disparate and distributed systems, automatically updated, available 24/7.

Agisent's Law Enforcement eXchange

In the world of Law Enforcement and Public Safety, data is not just ones and zeroes. It is information that can and does save lives. Unfortunately, all too often, the information that could help is in fact available Ė itís just not accessible.

Itís hard to fathom that in this day and age information about the bad guys isnít universally available, in real-time, all the time. But thatís exactly the situation we have today with so much data siloed away in virtual islands of disconnected sources.

Agency A has data in their system, but it doesnít talk to Agency Bís system. Fusion Center X aggregates data in region Y, but provides little help past the state line. THIS IS BULL SH*T!

You can probably tell this is an important issue to us here at Agisent. And for us, the solution is obvious:

Real-time Aggregated Data + Universal Secured Access = Lives Saved and More Bad Guys in Jail.

And that is exactly what Agisentís LEX system does. Specifically:

  • Agisent system-data automatically and securely synchronizes with the LEX in real-time
  • LEX is agency and region agnostic
  • Local system searches are enhanced with global LEX data
  • LEX is built-in to all ďrun-everywhereĒ Agisent products
  • Non-Agisent providers can interface with the LEX via Agisentís secure Application Programming Interface (API)
Agisent's Fusion Center Solution, utilizing advanced L.E.X.TM technology
Agisent's Fusion Center Audited Query Solutions
Real-time dashboard, detailed reporting, extensive options.
Incident Search
Advanced Incident Search Options
Narratives Search
Arrests Search

What may look like information overload to the average person is really just a peek into the data resources found within the LEX.
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