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Agisent's Partners Include:

GeoConex® NG911 (Next Generation 911) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) is a comprehensive dispatching tool that has options for use by both dispatchers and supervisory personnel to give optimum dispatch performance. The dispatcher can easily distinguish the status of active calls, while recording various status times, radio communications history, and historical calls. This multipurpose tool also allows the dispatcher to schedule home checks, pre-planned events such as funerals, and wrecker dispatch using automatic company rotation. With GeoConex® NG911 CAD, the dispatcher can give emergency personnel information on street directions, hazardous situations, or medical histories related to the address. Supervisors can use this effective tool to print reports of incident and unit response times, or produce a custom designed report. Supervisory personnel can also use the messaging feature to leave employee messages which appear when the dispatcher logs onto the system at shift start.

OmniCourt is a software management and reporting system for the court environment that makes it easy to manage the daily activities in the criminal justice system and provide detailed reports for each of them.

BluHorse is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality software available to the corrections and law enforcement industry. We at BluHorse have spent years shadowing and listening to deputies in all aspects of operations in order to fully understand the needs of the end user. By doing this, we do understand no two facilities function in the exact same manner which means a JMS/RMS has to be highly customizable and flexible and have a company behind it that is very engaged with its customers and willing to listen to their ongoing needs. With this in mind, we developed our software and company philosophies so we are able to conform to each individual facility and how they perform their own unique operations.

At Gold Shield Technologies we provide NCIC/NLETS Queries, Voice Readback, Information Sharing, Electronic Tickets, Silent Dispatch/Secure Messaging, Vehicle Location, License Plate Readers (LRP), Hit Validations, Payment Processing, CAD/RMS/Court Integrations and More..

No matter your size or your geographic location, all law enforcement officers need access to critical data in the field to make the best decisions. Gold Shield Technologies provides officers with the tools they need to get the job done and at a price any agency can afford.

At RadWeb Technologies, we take sofware development seriously. End-to-end, full-stack, laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile; apps, enterprise, and cloud solutions; compilers, linkers, librarians, debuggers, profilers, high-performance web servers, dynamic content generators, application servers, database systems, large file stores, embedded browser windowing, and so much more – yup, we're the guys that build these things. We’ve created some of the most advanced integrated technologies around and have applied them to a variety of industries ranging from media companies, gaming, real estate, financial services, social media, and even law enforcement.

For more than 22 years, Flat Earth Networking has provided custom-tailored, state-of-the-art network security solutions to a myriad of clientele from all types of industries across the globe. Supported by a team of veteran industry experts, Flat Earth provides human solutions that go beyond just technical systems. Flat Earth’s expertise and manpower support existing technical departments to protect one of the most valuable assets organizations have: information. Trusted by corporations large and small, non-profits, law enforcement and government agencies, Flat Earth offers security, monitoring and prevention that can’t be found in boxed, DIY products.