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Agisent People

“When all is said and done, the technology stands on its own,
and the people make the difference”

David Lutfy:
Fearless Leader
Cam Newton:
Chairman & VC Overlord
Steve Repetti:
Geeky Dude
Dan Marcum:
Mr. Inspiration
Fran Marcum:
Mrs. Inspiration
Crom Carmichael:
Wisdom & Faith
Mark Gwyn:
Mr. Law Enforcement
Linda Rebrovick:
Collective Conscience
Bob Youakim:
Inspiration by Example
Dean Newton:
Mr. Business
Cammie Fitzgerald:
Dog Whisperer
Steve Cope:
Mr. Inside
Jennie Wilcox:
She does all the work
Gary Holliday:
Reminding What Matters
Christy O'Neal:
Coverin' the front line
Chris Wright:
Everything IT
Gunther Pontes:
The Answer Man
Christie Pearce:
Forms Goddess++
Stephen Muccione:
Seriously Geeky
Jeremy Rogers:
Data Fears Him
Wes Blanton:
The Help Doctor
John Swift:
Friend to All