Accessing your RMS/LEX site requires knowing the specific domain name to enter into your browser, and having a corresponding user account with proper authentication credentials. The domain name address format typically uses the following format:

In the first case a specific domain points to your RMS/LEX site, and in the second a sub-domain ("rmsname") is used with your existing domain name to access the site. In both cases, the "HTTPS" component is required, since access is exclusively provided over a secure encrypted connection.

Once at the sign-in screen, you will need to select at least your agency/organization name and enter your userid, password, and verification code. Your system may optionally also require division and/or department. If you do not have, or can't remember your account credentials, you will need to contact your local system administrator.

Law Enforcement personnel, including State's Attorney staff, can use these same procedures to access their ProDOCS account.

» Defense attorneys should click here for information on accessing your ProDOCS account.