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Agisent Technologies Releases RMS ONE for Small Law Enforcement Agencies

30-Day Free Trial, Part of the Company's 'No Agency Left Behind' Initiative

TULLAHOMA, TN, July 14, 2020 - Agisent Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of software solutions for law enforcement and public safety, today announces the release of its RMS ONE records management system.

"For far too long, advanced technology and automation have been out of reach for small law enforcement agencies," states Agisent's President, David Lutfy. "Existing solutions utilize inferior technology or are priced way beyond agency budgets. RMS ONE solves these problems with real technology at budget-friendly pricing."

RMS ONE is a small agency version of the companyís wildly successful larger records management system, Platform RMS.

"This is not a stripped-down version," continues Agisentís Lutfy, "instead, we bundled the core modules that every agency needs into a powerful, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution."

RMS ONE comes standard with Incidents, Arrests, Citations, Warrants, Personnel, RMS, and Reports modules. Also included in the base system are driverís license and registration scanning, medical screener, quarantine and exposure tracking, document integration, incident reporting, mapping, and real-time statistics.

"RMS ONE is fully compatible with the larger Platform RMS system," advises Lutfy, "and additional modules are optionally available, including Case Management, Civil Process, Calls For Service, Drug Control, Evidence, Infection Control, Training, and more."

RMS ONE requires no additional hardware or software purchases, no servers to administer, and no specialized IT staff or resources. It runs on any device with a modern browser and internet connection, supports unlimited users, and agencies can be up and running in less than 15 minutes. A 30-day free trial is currently available to qualifying agencies.

The entire solution is priced starting at $295 per month with no long-term commitments. Grants, subsidies, and promotions provided by the company may be available through Agisentís "No Agency Left Behind" initiative.

Active U.S. law enforcement agencies serving populations of less than 5,000 are eligible to participate in RMS ONE. Larger agencies can contact Agisent for information about the company's Platform RMS solution.<.p>

Interested agencies can go to the companyís website, sign up, and begin immediately using RMS ONE at https://agisent.com/rmsone


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