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Agisent's eTicketing

ďCitation & Ticketing Automation with Agisent's eTicketing.Ē

Agisentís eTicketing module provides extensive tools and resources for citation management.

Key Features

  • Scan Driverís License to automatically add drivers
  • Registration scanner automatically adds vehicles
  • Integrated citation validator
  • Standard and custom citation forms
  • Master file lookups for persons, vehicles, locations, offenses, legal histories, and more
  • Warnings, traffic, parking, marine, municipal, county, and state
  • Fines and bonds financial accounting
  • Automatically generated officer court calendar
  • Master court calendar
  • Support for electronic signatures
  • Support for in-car printing
  • Violator payment portal optionally available

Default citation interface gathers extensive information
Custom ticketing adapts to exact requirements
Scan driver's licenses
Multiple scanning device support
Scan vehicle registration
Tracks known vehicles and vehicle activity
Advanced ticketing validator bulk checks for completeness
Contact our Sales Department to learn more about Agisent's eTicketing module.
eTicketing Module is available as part of the Platform RMS and comes standard for RMS ONE users.
Solutions for:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Campus Police
Applicable for:
  • Large individual and multi-agency systems
  • Medium individual and multi-agency systems
  • Small agencies serving populations > 5,000
  • Small agencies serving populations < 5,000
Integrates directly with:
  • Platform RMS
  • Fusion
Contact our Sales Department to learn more about Agisent's eTicketing module.

Agisent's eTicketing Module