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Fusion Center

“High Performance Solutions for Fusion Centers”

Agisent’s Fusion Center solutions provide real-time access to law enforcement data throughout a specific region, county, or state. Data is replicated by all reporting law enforcement agencies and immediately accessible using high-speed searching, filtering, and reporting. Extensive watch and notification functions are also provided.

Key Features

  • Real-time integration of reporting data from any law enforcement agency
  • Securely query, print, and export information
  • Enhanced data available from law enforcement utilizing Agisent RMS systems
  • Real-time watches and notifications
  • All queries are logged and authenticated
  • Complex queries can be “named” and saved for later re-use
  • Multi-tier security, access control, and reporting
  • Full transaction tracking and auditing
  • User portal, agency administrator portal, and overall system admin portal
  • Real-time dashboards include searches made, by whom, for what, and what were the results
  • Automatically tracks non-reporting agencies
  • Extensive real-time graphs, charts, and reports
  • High-performance, highly-scalable, easily handles 100's of millions of records
Agisent's Fusion Center Audited Query Solutions.
Real-time dashboard, detailed reporting, extensive options.

WATCHES AND NOTIFICATIONS INCLUDE: person, gang activity, organization, vehicle, location, drug, weapon, offense, NICS keywords, as well as specific keywords and phrases.

Powerful Real-time Watch and Notification Options
Person Watch
Drug Watch

HIGH-SPEED SEARCHES INCLUDE: individuals, organizations, victims, suspects, arrests, witnesses, persons of interest, aliases, accounts, contacts, scars, marks, tattoos, alterations, gangs, responders, vehicles, locations, property, weapons, drugs, alcohol, cash, checks, securities, incidents, citations, warrants, and more.

Incident Search
Advanced Incident Search Options
Narratives Search
Arrests Search
Person Search
Contacts Search
Identification Search
Scars, Marks, and Tattoos Search
Warrants Search
Citations Search
Case Search
Civil Search
Search vehicles from the master database or from law enforcement activity
Vehicle Master Search
Advanced Master Search
Vehicle Activity Search
Search articles associated with property
Cash Search
Checks Search
Securities Search
Alcohol Search
Weapons Search
Drug Search
Search Professional Licenses
Location Search
Organization Search
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Solutions for:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Investigators
  • Municipalities
Applicable for:
  • Local, regional, and state multi-agency systems
  • Large multi-agency systems
  • Medium individual and multi-agency systems
  • Small agencies serving populations > 5,000
Integrates directly with:
  • Platform RMS
  • ProDocs
  • ProCase
Contact our Sales Department to learn more about Agisent's Fusion Center.

Agisent's Fusion Center