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Law Enforcement Exchange (LEX)

“Hold on to your horses, this is gonna be geeky”

Agisent’s LEX is an advanced software system for implementing intelligent identifiers for just about everything -- on a global scale. Agisent uses this functionality to create master ID records for people, places, things, locations, weapons, drugs, incidents, warrants, documents, reports, and so much more that are guaranteed to be unique.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed unique identifier: LEX number
  • Agisent system-data automatically and securely synchronizes with the LEX in real-time
  • LEX is agency and region agnostic
  • Local system searches are enhanced with global LEX data
  • LEX is built-in to all “run-everywhere” Agisent products
  • Sequentially issued numbers are random from one number to the next
  • LEX numbers make it easier to prevent duplicate records, and to associate duplicate records together if duplicates do exist
  • LEX numbers make it easier to maintain an audit trail of unique data elements throughout the world
  • Blocks of LEX numbers are pre-allocated to authorized agencies
  • Master LEX database tracks ALL LEX number assignments
  • Given a generated LEX number, the system can identify precisely who and what authorized agency caused the id to be generated
  • Every LEX number identifies what type of data it is pointing to, such as person, location, incident, etc.
  • LEX numbers also contain information securely identifying the location (actual server) that contains the original data record
  • Non-Agisent providers can interface with the LEX via Agisent’s secure Application Programming Interface (API)
Virtually everything you do within Agisent generates secure transaction records. And all of those transaction records are stamped with unique LEX identifiers.
Contact our Sales Department to learn more about Agisent's LEX.
Solutions for:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Investigators
  • Municipalities
  • Campus Police
  • Private Security
  • Developers
Applicable for:
  • Regional multi-agency systems
  • Large individual and multi-agency systems
  • Medium individual and multi-agency systems
  • Small agencies serving populations > 5,000
Integrates directly with:
  • ALL Agisent Products!
Contact our Sales Department to learn more about Agisent's LEX.

Agisent's LEX