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Customization Options:

Agisentís systems provide end-to-end solutions for a variety of needs, and can be further enhanced and customized to meet specific and exacting requirements. Some of the ways Agisent components can be customized include:

  • Field Customization. Agisent makes it easy to add additional data fields, modify data labels, and incorporate changes directly into the larger data system. This flexibility lets you expand your data assets to include virtually any information you would want to store Ė now or in the future.

  • Rules Customization. Much of Agisentís solutions are governed by business rules and defined logic elements that allow for extensive customization to fine-tune those aspects unique to your particular needs.

  • Feature Customization. Agisent solutions are built using an object oriented architecture that allows for rapid integration of additional features beyond the core feature-sets provided. This allows new modules and sub-modules to be constructed and integrated relatively easily.

  • External Application Customization. Creating external standalone applications that directly interact with Agisentís core technology, and your data, has never been easier thanks to Agisentís powerful data conversion and portability functionality.

Regardless of your customization needs, Agisentís professional technology staff can help customize your solutions any way you want.