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Data Conversion:
IMPORTANT NOTE: Data Conversions are often very labor intensive and can be quite expensive. Try to narrow the scope if possible.

Data Conversion Considerations:

Data is the digital representation of information and therefore the lifeblood of any good systems management solution. In this context, data is represented in one of three states:

  • Incoming Data
  • Data Existing Within the System
  • Outgoing Data

As data crosses each of these three states, issues of portability, accessibility, security, relevance, association, integrity, and conversion become critical.

Incoming data generally refers to one of the following: legacy data integration, imported data, data streamed from a 3rd-party source, or user keyed-in data. There are significant conversion issues related to legacy information, and that is discussed at length in the Legacy Integration section of this site.

Data existing within the system is dynamically converted as necessary by the system all of which is generally transparent to the end-user.

More interesting, however, is the outgoing data, or more precisely, data capable of existing outside of the system which nevertheless is fed in real-time by the system. And, Agisents solutions provide extensive built-in data conversion resources as part of its core technologies.

Virtually every piece of information available within Agisent solutions is also available via real-time conversion to a variety of formats, including:

  • JSON
  • XML
  • Tab-Delimited
  • Comma-Delimited

These are accessible from directly within the Agisent solutions, or through the built-in secure web services interface.

All of these features combine to provide real-time access to Agisent information via Excel, database programs (such as Access), reporting engines (such as Crystal Reports), and so much more. This information can also be used to create customized applications unique to your specific needs yet directly integrated with the larger Agisent solutions.

Regardless of your data conversion needs, Agisent, and its core technologies, can help you get the job done.