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Secure Hosting:

Key Features

  • Agisent maintains a secure, CJIS-compliant, dedicated hosting facility
  • Customers can utilize Agisent’s hosting resources instead of purchasing and maintaining hardware and related infrastructure
  • Agisent solutions are perfect for storing and securely accessing body and dash-cam video, surveillance media, audio, images and photographs, documents, and more
  • Agisent hosting expense is based on each unique customer’s population, utilization, and storage requirements
  • Agisent hosting reduces support expenses, increases response time, and virtually eliminates the need to be onsite at customer locations.

Agisent’s technology solutions are fast, efficient, and highly scalable. They are perfect for today’s distributed environments where secure reliable access is required from anywhere, on any device, in real-time.

Agisent’s “run-anywhere” products are fully accessible from laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices and support all operating systems that incorporate modern browser technology. This includes Windows, Apple, iOS, Android, Linux, and more.

In general, “client” components (laptops, desktops, etc.) interact with “server” components (typically rack-mounted high performance computers) across a secure instance of the Internet, or other communications methodology. The “client” does not need to download anything special to run, and for optimized performance and security the majority of the processing is performed on the “servers”.

Agisent solutions are available in several configurations, each optimized to provide the best user experience and capitalize on the unique requirements of each of our customers.

Available Agisent configurations include:

  • Secure Cloud. The easiest and most cost effective solution is to use the Agisent Secure CJIS-Compliant Servers and Server Partners (CJIS=Criminal Justice Information System, an important law enforcement specification and mandate). There is nothing to set up, install, or maintain – Agisent handles it all for you at their secure facility. Information is automatically backed-up, multiple redundant components virtually eliminate down-time, and even the Internet connection and band-width utilization is covered. Simply browse over to the address provided and start using the software immediately.
  • Server Appliance. Agisent provides complete turn-key fully configured rack-mountable systems ready to install in your own server facility. Simply install them in your rack, connect them to power and the Internet, and turn them on.
  • Local Software Installation. Agisent can install its software directly onto existing dedicated equipment within your server facility and provide the necessary setup and configuration as required.

Regardless of the configuration option you choose, Agisent is always available to help you in every way necessary.