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Data Analysis:

"Real-time Charts, Graphs, Mapping, Statistics, Patterns, Relations, Associations, Events, and more…"

All of Agisent’s products and solutions include numerous built-in real-time data analytics and analysis tools.

Additionally, Agisent can provide real-time data to 3rd party analysis tools for further detailed review and reporting. Contact for additional details.

Some of the internal analyics include:

  • Detailed crime reporting

  • Numerous graphs and charts

  • Regional zip code, zone, and beat reporting

  • Racial profiling by gender, race, age, officer/unit

  • Real-time offense search, filtering, and mapping

  • Criminal activity

  • Drug and gangs

  • Arrest demographics

  • Parties analysis, legal events, and related-party associations

Contact our Sales Department to learn more about Agisent's data analysis options.