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Large Media:

"Dash and body camera video, surveillance audio and video, security camera video, interview audio and video, and more..."

Large media such as body and dash cam video can use tremendous amounts of bandwidth and storage. Consider the following:
Relative Band-Width Requirements:
descriptionqualitytransfer rate per hour
HD low720p900MB
HD medium1080p1.5GB
HD high2K3GB
How far will 10GB of bandwidth / storage go?
234 hours of low-quality audio11 hours of 720p video
140 hours of normal-quality audio6.5 hours of 1080p video
85 hours of high-quality audio3 hours of 2K video
32.5 hours of low-quality video1.2 hours of 4K video
14 hours of standard definition video
Let Agisent handle your storage, access, backup, retention, and compliance issues for all of your large media needs. Contact our Sales Department to learn more.

Large Media Considerations:

Todayís Law Enforcement increasingly relies on large media files, including, dash and body camera video, surveillance audio and video, security camera video, interview audio and video, and more. This creates significant pressures on bandwidth, access, storage, and transfer. Worse, this trend is continuing upward, creating even more pressure on infrastructure.

Agisentís Software Solutions Support Large Media
All Agisent software products and solutions were designed to provide integrated support for large media. This means large media files can be directly attached to incidents, cases, warrants, citations, and even specific individuals, vehicles, and locations.

Additionally, Agisentís RMS integrates directly with ProDocs and ProCase for electronic delivery to prosecutorial teams for trial and discovery, all while preserving and certifying the full chain of custody.

NOTE: Large media support is an option for RMS ONE customers.

Agisentís Server Technology is Optimized for Large Media

Agisent utilizes a proprietary hardware/software solution, Agisentís LFS (Large Media Server) to maximize large media upload, download, streaming, and even on-the-fly compression. This reduces bandwidth requirements while providing faster access to large media content.

Agisentís CJIS-Compliant Secure Hosting Facility Supports Large Media

Agisent combines hardware and software at its CJIS-compliant hosting facility to provide optimized support for large media. As such, uploading, storing, securing, accessing, and transferring of these large assets are easier and more cost effective than other solutions.

Agisentís large media solutions also fully support 3rd-party CJIS facilities, such as Google, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure.