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Agisent's NO AGENCY LEFT BEHIND Initiative:

"Technology, Grants, and Subsidies for Agencies of All Sizes"

The real certainty in these uncertain times is that law enforcement will always be needed, things can always be better, and resources will always help.

Agisent created its NO AGENCY LEFT BEHIND initiative to provide agencies of all sizes with the technology solutions they need, and initiated grant and subsidy programs to help with stretched, strained, and diminishing budgets.

Solutions for Every Agency

Agisent provides end-to-end solutions for large, medium and small agencies. Our most recent product, RMS ONE, lets us provide world-class technology to even the smallest of small agencies.

"For far too long, advanced technology and automation have been out of reach for small law enforcement agencies. Existing solutions utilize inferior technology or are priced way beyond agency budgets. RMS ONE solves these problems with real technology at budget-friendly pricing."

Agisent's technology supports individual agencies, multiple agency regions, and even state-wide solutions. Our largest client interacts with more than 200MM records daily and serves a population of over 5MM. The smallest is one cop with a part-time deputy.

Grants and Subsidies

If your budget is doing fine, then great! We have fair pricing and flexible terms for you. However, if you are like so many agencies out there with stretched budgets, we would like to help.

Agisent-provided subsidies are available to assist with up-front costs, extend contract terms, and gain access to additional features and components at reduced rates. Grants are provided to smaller agencies who otherwise would not be able to automate their agency.

Additionally, if you are pursing outside grants for things like Drug Task Force, Gangs, COVID-19 / Infectious Disease, Training, Use of Force, Automation & Reporting, and more, Agisent has specific technologies and assistance that can help the process.

Contact the Agisent Sales Team for additional information about grants and subsidies and to determine if your agency qualifies.