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Technology Architecture:

The Agisent technology platform was designed to be the underlying core component that empowers all other modules and ties them together into a single expandable environment – both today and in the future. It also provides the bridge to legacy products and data, as well as the interface for interacting with system information outside of the core applications.

At its center is the data engine where advanced technology integrates with data schema, business rules, and workflow architectures. It is agnostic to any particular process and instead optimizes overall system interaction.

Users interact with the system via dynamic content generation, wherein information is rendered on-the-fly and “served up” to the user in their browser or other compatible display component. External systems interact with the system through secure web services interfaces.

3rd-party components, such as state and federal data interfaces, 911 systems, reporting engines, and dozens of other components interact with the system through direct real-time integration and managed queued interface as required.

The engine itself can reside anywhere: in Agisent’s secure hosted CJIS-compliant facility, at any 3rd party CJIS-compatible provider, behind your firewall with your existing environment, or even standalone on a secured laptop or desktop computer.

And, regardless of location, the Agisent platform readily communicates with the super data aggregator L.E.X.TM, as well as dozens of 3rd-party interfaces, feeds, and other components.