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Agisent's Technology Evolution:

Agisent is a technology company with a rich culture steeped in law enforcement. Its success stems from the integration of talent and subject-matter expertise in both hard-core technology and real-world law enforcement and public safety.

The journey to technological excellence started with an existing public safety company with pretty good products, excellent support, and a fair amount of customers. This was then combined with deep-pocketed investors and advanced technology partners whose resources and experience helped expand the vision and tie all of the pieces together.

Today, the company’s products and technology mirror this story. Agisent products are robust, powerful, and battle-tried with a long rich history. But they are also in an evolutionary state. One by one, existing products are transforming to the company’s “Run Everywhere” platform, new products are added, and the knowledge gained in each prior iteration is enhanced, refined, and expanded.

This represents a path to the future where all get to enjoy the benefits today. Agisent’s platform will never be outgrown, and its customers, shareholders, and the lives saved will forever be the beneficiaries.