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Agisent's Largest Installation:
200,000,000 records.

Serving a population of 5.149 M
Agisent's Smallest Installation:
2 guys, a car, & a blue light.

Agisent's Technology Performance:

From the very beginning, the Agisent technology platform was created with very exacting design criteria in terms of performance. In general, it needed to be fast, deliver content over the Internet or other communications channel efficiently, and not require massive investments in new hardware in order to enjoy these benefits.

More specifically, some of the core design criteria included:

  • Instant-on, just fire up a browser and go
  • Rapid page load, even over a cell network
  • Dynamically sizing data fields, where fields automatically adjust to the amount of data store
  • Instantaneous search, find any one record out of tens of millions in less than a second
  • Fast local-first searches, with rapid access to global data

There used to be a time when the generic response to “make it go faster” was to simply “throw faster hardware” at the problem. And, while it fundamentally doesn’t hurt (except financially), the real secret to fast applications is 100% rooted in design.

“Agisent Solutions run faster because they were specifically designed to run faster”

Poorly designed applications can be made to go faster by throwing hardware at it – to an extent. However, systems specifically designed for high-performance high-scalability experiences will always run faster and require less hardware.

Agisent’s technology requires less hardware, less storage space, and less bandwidth than virtually any other solution, while its performance runs circles around the competition.