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In the law enforcement and public safety space, reliability takes on a whole new meaning, because fundamentally if you can’t count on your systems, really bad things can happen.

Agisent has gone to great lengths to create end-to-end solutions that maximize reliability and minimize bad surprises. This includes considerations related to hardware, software, connectivity, support, availability, and so much more.

  • Hardware runs, it gets hot, it wears out; mean-time to failure, and all that. Yet this is readily manageable through controlled environment, real-time monitoring, and system redundancy. Agisent’s secure hosting handles all of this for you, and we can also help manage your resources if you prefer.
  • Software is a different kind of beast. When it gets unruly, it is capable of gobbling up information and spitting out crap. And, the more vendors you have providing pieces (more updates, patches, and bugs), the more likely you are of encountering data integrity problems. That’s why Agisent’s Solutions are self-contained and rarely rely on other vendor components. More so, our built-in transaction system tracks all data as it is created, modified, and accessed, giving us a full audit trail of information that demonstrates how any particular piece of data came to be, and which can be used to recreate any data element as of any particular point in time. Kind of like a “chain of evidence” for data.
  • Connectivity is another component in the reliability discussion which can easily be handled through multiple redundant Internet or other communications methodology providers.
  • Support is the difference between getting stuck, and having help so you don’t get stuck – or if you do, help is there to get you out. Agisent’s fanaticism with really great support stems from a really simple concept - “If the customer is happy – we all win”
  • Availability addresses the “tomorrow doesn’t help me, I need it now” issue. And, whether it is accessing the application, or interacting with support personnel, “Always Available” is more than words. It means that with Agisent, you can count on it.

Beyond all of these things, and there is so much more, the one thing that stands out above all others is the concept of partnership. We succeed when you succeed, and we take that extremely serious. Partners for life, that’s our goal. It’s just that easy when you do things right together.