Introducing RMS ONETM and NO AGENCY LEFT BEHINDTM initiative!
Full Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Compliant, Advanced System Access and Control, Multi-Factor Authentication, Advanced Data Encryption, Secure Data Cloud.
“Simply The Most Advanced Records Management System Available. Period.
RMS ONETM for small agencies, PLATFORM RMSTM for medium and large agencies.”

"I just want to let you know how easy and user friendly the validation screen is, and how efficient it is to be able to deny incidents and send them back to officers for them to make necessary changes. I literally have been making all of the changes to reports myself because it was so cumbersome in the old system to notify officers to problems. Being able to make officers make these changes themselves saves me unnecessary work, but most importantly makes officers aware of mistakes so that they can avoid them in the future. You have no idea how much better this makes my job."

Kellyn Wood, Anderson SC Police Department

"Since implementing Agisent’s RMS program, we have seen an improvement in compliance reporting to the state and improved relations within the community. The time saved due to the user-friendly interface has resulted in soft dollar savings for the department as well"

Karen Buckley, Resource Officer, Central PD

"Agisent ProDOCS is providing an efficient and time saving mechanism to receive investigative files from law enforcement agencies and at the same time allowing us to easily deliver complete discovery to the defense bar."

Bryant C. Dunaway, District Attorney General, 13th Judicial District of Tennessee

"Agisent’s ProDocs is like the ultimate 'Drop Box'. It was designed specifically for Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys to exchange files without compromising security. With the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Security Policy as its guide, our administrative staff rests assured knowing that confidentiality, integrity and availability are its primary focus. Its transaction-based chain-of-evidence and auditing functions are like nothing we’ve seen before. Highly Recommended!"

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Master dashboard
Real-time mapping
Agisent’s infection control module seamlessly integrates with the company’s larger suite of advanced solutions. These features help mitigate risk and increase safety for the general public and to all those on the front line of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.
Agisent’s advanced real-time medical screening solutions can easily coexist with existing data systems, and features full customization to match your corporate branding, optimized for wireless tablets, laptops, and desktop systems, real-time data portal with industry-standard exporting and reporting, and available standalone or with a variety of support modules.